Mardi 17 Juin 2014

Russian Clients

«De-offshorisation», CFC rules, alternative tax structures, sanctions / Crimea
CFC Rules draft law (March 2014) : what impact and what solutions?
      > Private Wealth and International Tax Planning for Russian UHNWI
      > Russian fiscal strategy and policy: what can we expect in the coming years?
      > Fight for the de-offshorization of the Russian society and its possible impact on the wealth management industry
      > Russia CFC Rules: understanding the draft law of March 2014
      > Russia’s reform of the residency rules for companies: what impact for the Russian clients? Which new strategies?
      > The Cyprus conduit to Russian investments: is it still a solid option?
      > Tax structuring for Russian clients: impact of legislative changes in Russia on existing structures and what such changes mean for future structuring
      > Enhanced domestic disclosure requirements and information exchange
      > Crimea crisis: the economic and individual sanctions
      > Asset protection: the real life threats and solutions for Russian private clients

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