As part of its promotional efforts, the Geneva Financial Center (GFC) organizes and supports various events throughout the year. The two main annual events are the Assises de la Place Financière and the annual press conference of the GFC.
Tuesday 8 Oct. 2019

Rendez-vous annuel des médias suisses et étrangers pour mieux comprendre les enjeux de la place financière genevoise
Conférence de presse annuelle FGPF Tuesday 8 October 2019 10:00 Framework conditions  Economic situation   
Thursday 10 October 2019 08:00 Framework conditions  Sustainable finance  Asset Management   
Thursday 10 Oct. 2019

Building Bridges Summit

Delegations from thirty members of the International Network of FinancialCenters for Sustainability will gather in Geneva in October. On this occasion, Switzerland is pleased to organize a sustainable finance week that will culminate in the Building Bridges Summit. This...

Finance Events Calendar

The Foundation maintains a calendar of the numerous events in the banking and/or finance sectors that take place in the Geneva region. The calendar is widely consulted by financial professionals and is a valuable tool for promoting events and raising awareness. Kindly note that the Foundation makes no representation as to the accuracy, reliability or fullness of the content and programme mentioned in the events that are not organized by the Foundation. Don’t hesitate to add your event to the calendar!
Wednesday 20 Nov. 2019

La fiscalité de la philanthropie

Ce séminaire exmine les enjeux pour les contribuables et leurs conseillers, notamment au moyen d’exemples tirés de la pratique et de la jurisprudence. ...
Thursday 21 Nov. 2019

Les 10 ans de la FINMA

A l’occasion des 10 ans de la FINMA, le Centre de droit bancaire et financier accueille la jubilaire pour discuter avec elle des nouvelles technologies et de préventiondu...
Monday 25 Nov. 2019

SFI Master Class «Creating Value: Financial and Behavioral Insights »

In this Master Class, participants obtain insights on how corporate managers can create economic value by suitable investment,...
Tuesday 26 Nov. 2019

The digitalization of money

Conference with Prof. Jean-Pierre Landau, Prof. SciencesPo Paris and Former Deputy Governor, Banque de France
Thursday 12 Dec. 2019

1st Annual Conference of the Private Sector Development Research Network - Private Enterprise and Inclusion

The first Annual Conference of the Private Sector Development ResearchNetwork...