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The Geneva financial centre unanimously recognises the need to transition to a more resilient and sustainable economy.

By directing financial flows to sustainable activities, the financial industry can help transform markets and foster the emergence of new economic models.

Sustainable finance is more than ethical window-dressing – it’s an opportunity to shape the future of the Geneva financial centre.

The Geneva Financial Center is committed to:

  • Take an active part as a member of Sustainable Finance Geneva in promoting the adoption of models based on a responsible vision of the future;
  • Develop synergies with other members of the sustainable finance community to strengthen Geneva's leadership in sustainable finance;
  • Contribute to the development of internationally recognised common standards for evaluating companies’ sustainability, both qualitatively and quantitatively;
  • Strengthen the expertise of its employees by supporting training programs designed to accelerate the implementation of sustainable investment strategies;
  • Promote events that support the transition to a more sustainable economy and society.


Geneva Financial Center

In sustainable finance, all roads lead to Geneva!

Sustainable finance has been a driver of growth for the Geneva financial sector and a powerful differentiator from other financial centres. Today, Geneva is recognised as a global hub for sustainable finance.

Geneva Financial Center


Sustainable finance: 3 key figures

Source: Swiss Sustainable Finance

billion in CHF sustainability-related investments in the Swiss investment market
Share of sustainable investments as defined in the AMAS self-regulation (without "exclusion" and "ESG integration" approaches)
Market players using three or more sustainable investments approaches

Building Bridges 2023

The Geneva Financial Center is proud to be a Founding Partner of Building Bridges

Building Bridges 2023 took place on October 2-5 at the CICG in Geneva and hosted transformative discussions that will shape the global sustainable finance agenda. Watch the recording this ground-breaking conference to accelerate the transition of our economic model and connect with 2000+ actors from the finance industry, the corporate sector, the sustainable development community, and young entrepreneurs.


Building Bridges’ 4th edition opened with a High-level Summit that explored the interdependence of human, social, natural, climate and financial capital with prominent thought leaders.


The Summit was followed by 3 Action Days that addressed the latest trends in sustainable finance, and dove into the investment opportunities and challenges generated by climate change, nature loss, technology, and emerging markets.


The Building Bridges Village provided unique opportunities to network with key figures of the industry and like-minded institutions that wish to contribute to a fairer and just transition.

Save the date for the next edition of Building Bridges on 9-12 December 2024!

Geneva Financial Center


The Geneva financial centre is a pioneer in sustainable finance

Geneva boasts a decades-long tradition of sustainable finance; milestones include the launch of the first sustainable financial instruments in the 1980s and the creation of the first asset management firm dedicated to sustainable investing in the 1990s. More recently, many Swiss financial institutions have signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. They now lead the industry globally in structuring and marketing innovative, sustainable financial products.

Geneva Financial Center


Sustainable finance is everyone's business

As the world leader in wealth management, the Geneva financial centre plays its part in creating sustainable value for the economy, the environment and society. This objective informs financial institutions’ approach to their business activities, as well as their relationships with clients and employees. However, accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy will require a joint commitment from finance, academia, government and civil society.


Geneva Financial Center

Geneva - A sustainable finance hub

Geneva occupies a unique position in the sustainable finance world, thanks to its dynamic ecosystem comprised of financial institutions, asset managers, international organisations, NGOs, private foundations, and world-class universities. With strong support from the city, the canton and the federal government, this unique value chain has enabled Geneva to emerge as a recognised hub for sustainable finance.

Geneva Financial Center