Une chaîne d’expertises unique au monde

A Unique Chain of Expertise

Created in 1991 by the 80 banks that were members of the Geneva stock exchange, the Geneva Financial Center (GFC) is the umbrella association of the financial sector.

Une chaîne d’expertises unique au monde

Finance and banking account for 37,900 jobs and 13.1% of Geneva's GDP. The three main pillars of the financial sector are private and institutional wealth management, commodity trade financing, as well as commercial and retail banking. With the presence of activities such as marine freight and inspection, Geneva has emerged as an economic cluster with a unique concentration of skills. The central mission of the Geneva Financial Center is to support this value chain and to contribute to the development of an optimal business environment for all financial center partners.

Geneva Financial Center


The success of the Geneva financial center is due essentially to the diversity of actors in its midst.

A number of very different banking groups and numerous financial intermediaries have emerged over the years and today offer a wide range of products and services in the following three areas:

  • Private and institutional wealth management
  • Commercial and retail banking
  • Commodity trade financing


banks operate in Geneva’s financial sector

Geneva Financial Center

The Geneva financial center

Key figures

Financial and related professional services employment in Geneva
Contribution of the financial sector as a share of Geneva State GDP

Why Geneva?

Competitiveness: stability and excellence

Geneva has emerged as one of the world's most competitive financial centers due to the stability of its business and regulatory environment, the quality of its infrastructure, and the solid partnerships that exist between universities and the financial sector.

Talent: a large pool of expertise

With 37,900 people employed in the financial sector, Geneva offers a highly qualified workforce.

Innovation: huge untapped digital potential

Committed in equal measure to transparency and the protection of privacy, firmly rooted in tradition but nonetheless innovative at the same time, the Geneva financial center stands out by its high level of investment in digital research and development.




Geneva Financial Center