Choisir un métier

Choosing a career

Finance is an essential sector of activity for employment and for the Geneva economy as it generates over 37,900 jobs and contributes 12.4% to cantonal GDP.

One of the central missions of the GFC is to serve as a proactive information clearing house for careers, education and training in the banking and financial industry.

Choisir un métier

According to the Federal Office of Statistics, at the end of 2020 43% of staff in Switzerland had a university degree compared to just 28% in other sectors of the economy. These same statistics also reveal that 23% of the workforce joined the banking sector after taking a course of basic professional training. This proves that there is more than one gateway for access to jobs in the financial sector.

In order to present the high diversity of careers in finance & banking, the GFC participates in events and develops materials for HR and training managers, bank staff wishing to undertake further training, and anyone else who is interested in pursuing a career in banking.

Geneva Financial Center

Référentiels de compétences

Documentation only in French

La Fondation Genève Place Financière est la seule entité à Genève à établir des référentiels de compétences de métiers bancaires. Pour cela, elle fait appel aux spécialistes métiers des établissements bancaires de la place.

Les membres de la Commission technique Ressources Humaines et Formation de la FGPF sont nos relais auprès des banques.

La FGPF publie des référentiels de compétences pour les métiers suivants :


Geneva Financial Center


Zoom Métiers "Bank and Finance"

Zoom Métiers are careers information events for high school students organized by the Office for Training and Professional and Continuing Education (OFPC). They consist of presentations and question and answer sessions with professionals and trainees. The GFC regularly takes part to represent the financial and banking sector. Don't hesitate to have a look at the agenda!


Cité des Métiers

Established in 2008, Cité des Métiers is a careers fair for students and is held annually in November at Geneva Palexpo. It offers young people an opportunity to discover many different professions, choose a training pathway, and discuss their career options with professionals from the financial sector. For the 2022 edition that will take place from November 22 to November 27, 2022, the GFC proposes a booth to learn more about the many interesting careers available to you in banking

Geneva Financial Center