Lundi 31 Mars 2014

FT Commodities Global Summit 2014


The commodities industry has experienced an intense period of change on the back of the rise of China. But after a decade of torrid growth, emerging markets are slowing down. The industry is preparing new strategies for turbulent times. But change need not mean failure. On the contrary, turbulent times will create new opportunities; new trading strategies will appear, and new markets come into sight.
The 2014 Summit agenda will focus on the global economy, the role of Russia and Central Asia in commodities, transparency and regulation, commodity trade finance and many others topics. For the second year, the flagship ‘CEO Debate’ will gather leading chief executives for a view from the top. In addition, a new panel entitled the ‘CFO roundtable’ will gather chief financial officers for a discussion about financing.

Organisé par :

Financial Times

Plan d'accès

Beau Rivage Palace

Lausanne, Switzerland