Lundi 25 Fév. 2013

Unige: Neuroscience, Economics and Policy


This session of UNIGE-World Economic Forum Debate Series will gather experts from the Forum's Neuroscience & Behaviour council and senior academics of University of Geneva to explore how neuroscience and cognitive sciences more broadly are changing the understanding of the human mind and cognition and how this changing image could impact related fields in economics, policy making and wider social sciences.

Speakers: Olivier Oullier, professor of Behavioural and Brain Sciences at the University of Aix-Marseille and prof. Patrick Vuilleumier, head of NIC group, a new interdisciplinary platform for cognitive neurosciences, affiliated with the Departments of neurology and Neurosciences as well as the school of Psychology (University of Geneva)

Organisé par :

University of Geneva and World Economic Forum

Plan d'accès

University of Geneva

Room 260

Uni Dufour

24, rue du Général-Dufour

1204 Geneva