Mercredi 28 Mars 2012

BSCC: 'Capital Flows in an Age of Crisis: Switzerland's Role in the Changing Global Economy'

  • Norman Hay, President and CEO, Cargill International S.A.
  • David Bloom, Global Head of Foreign Exchange Strategy, HSBC
  • Didier Cossin, UBS Professor of Banking, IMD, Lausanne
  • The Hon. Dr. Philippa (‘Pippa’) Malmgren, Founder of Principalis Asset Management, Former special assistant to President George W. Bush and member of the National Economic Council

The United States and Eurozone are immersed in debt crises, and a number of other major economies such as the UK and Japan are mired in perpetual recession. Amidst this turmoil amongst developed world economies, Switzerland remains outstanding as a beacon of stability and prosperity.
Its soaring currency has reinforced its reputation as a safe heaven. Is its position sustainable?
One consequence of the crisis, coupled with a commodities boom, is the increasing proportions of capital flows through emerging markets. If it is to endure, the Swiss economy needs to adapt to the fundamental realignment between developed and developing world and expand its role in serving the latter.
Our panel of distinguished speakers will explore these topics, and illuminate their audiences with their reflections upon where the global crisis is heading and how Switzerland can, and should, emerge.

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