Mardi 16 Nov. 2010

The evolving crisis of sovereign credit

The travails of Iceland, Greece and Ireland have brought the unthinkable to our own doorsteps. What was reserved for developing countries became our own reality, the possibility of sovereign defaults in the most developed economies. Our panel will present their views on where the greatest dangers lie in terms of sovereign credit risk and what the implications could be for major asset classes.

Topics up for discussion are:
- Sovereign crisis indicators - signs to watch for
- Which are the most vulnerable countries and regions?
- Where we are in relation to the historic emerging markets sovereign defaults, such as Argentina or Russia?
- Impact on other major asset classes, in particular non-sovereign credit, equity and currency markets
-Role of rating agencies
-Political and fiscal implications

Organisé par :
100 Women in Hedge Funds Hosted by: State Street Alternative Investment Solutions

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