Lundi 18 Oct. 2010

Islamic Wealth Management Conference


The One Day Workshop on Islamic Wealth Management is part of the High-Powered Seminar (HPS) offered by Edbiz Consulting. Developed by Professor Humayon Dar in collaboration with the top most practitioners in Islamic wealth management, the one-day programme aims to introduce the fundamental Shari'a principles of managing wealth for high and ultra High Net-worth families in the Muslim world.

It covers a wide range of topics, including what makes wealth management in compliance with Shari'a, what Western Institutions could do to get their share in the business of Islamic wealth management, which institutions are leaders in Islamic wealth management in the Muslim markets as well as in the West, and what different service providers (i.e. custodians, administrators and law firms) should do to get business from Islamic wealth managers.

A qualification in its own right, the attendees will receive the 'HD Certificate' in Islamic Wealth Management, which can also serve as a gateway to more advanced qualifications like Executive MBA in Islamic Finance offered by Cass Business School, London.

The programme is designed for:
- Wealth, Fund and Asset managers
- Structuring personnel from investment banks
- Independent financial advisors
- Consultants
- Lawyers
- Academicians

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