Lundi 25 Jan. 2010

What does Copenhagen and expected climate legislation mean for Geneva Investors?

How will environmental issues impact your investments?
How are politicians, regulators and industry leaders proposing to address the environmental risks through expected legislation?
How will expected carbon regulation impact industries, their business models and their investors?
What are the opportunities for investors?

Fresh from the world’s most anticipated global climate change negotiations in Copenhagen last month, Matthew Bateson and Alfred Evans will highlight the key outcomes of the recent negotiations, what is expected in 2010, and how it will all impact investors.

Our speakers:
 - Matthew Bateson, Managing Director on the issues of energy and climate change for the international business organization, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
 - Alfred Evans, CEO of Islan Asset Management.


Organisé par :
Sustainable Finance Geneva Boulevard du Théâtre 4 1204 Genève

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