Lundi 26 Oct. 2009

2009 Bridges China Dialogue Geneva

Providing a bridge between China and the international community, the Bridges China Dialogue series brings together a pro-active group of experts from government, business, academia and civil society organizations. It is committed to leveraging China’s role in crafting a common global future with open and fair trade, low carbon societies and sustainable development for all. This year’s dialogue will feature panel discussions on financing sustainable development projects in renewable energy and clean technology.

Covering topics on financial recovery, energy conservation, low carbon societies and institutional reforms, this year’s dialogue aims to provide an in-depth discussion and examination of China’s market dynamics and policy implications with respect to recovering from the financial crisis and building a green, sustainable future.

Around 260 guests will attend, from government, business, international organizations, media and civil society organizations will attend. They come from all regions around the world with good participation from China.



Organisé par :
Geneva China Dialogue Secretariat International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) Ch. de Balexert 7 1219 Geneva Tel general: +41 (0)22 917 84 92 Tel direct: +41 (0)22 917 88 38 Fax: +41 (0)22 917 80 93

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