Lundi 5 Oct. 2009

ITU Telecom World 2009


World 2009 is a unique event for the ICT community which brings together the top names from across the industry, and around the world.

An Exhibition: Comprising a vibrant showfloor with the region’s latest innovations in ICT: from broadband or IP-enabled services, to mobile and wireless technologies, next-generation networks, satellites and much more, spanning the full reach of the ICT industry.

A Forum: The World 2009 Forum brings together leaders of industry and key policy makers from across the region to debate, discuss and explore areas essential to the growth of the ICT industry.

And more: The event also features: the Youth Forum, which brings together young people from across the region for a packed programme of discussion and debate; the TDS (Telecommunication Development Symposium); and a host of networking opportunities for meeting and conducting business.

A major networking platform: Through all the opportunities it offers, ITU Telecom World 2009 provides a vital networking platform, where heads of industry can meet with heads of governments, share views, debate the future of the industry, seal key deals and get business done.

Theme: Open Networks - Connected Minds
The thematic underpinning of the entire event is Open Networks - Connected Minds setting the aspirational ambitions of WORLD 2009. The theme highlights the importance of WORLD 2009 in developments of the telecommunications and ICT industries. Linking the concepts open and connected convey diversity in approaches to innovation, problem solving, collaboration and co-operation across all stakeholders. These notions of openness and connection also convey common purpose, as well as the ability and willingness of stakeholders to listen, share, experiment and learn from the broader community. This shared vision is more than a reference to technical standards; it is most importantly a focus on modes of dialogue that bring peoples of the world together.

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