Mercredi 1 Oct. 2008

Building Fair Financial Markets for all, profitable investment opportunities in poverty reduction and development


Content: How investors can unleash the potential of microfinance?
Leading researchers, microfinance investors, investment intermediaries and microfinance providers will separate fact from fiction in microfinance investment and will provide an honest overview of:

  • The potential for microfinance to achieve financial as well as social returns
  • The scale and nature of investment opportunities in microfinance
  • Innovative ways to address challenges and build inclusive financial markets

Together with leading personalities of the sector, participants will share insights and develop guidelines for the private sector to unleash the potential of microfinance. Confirmed speaker: Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus will share his vision on the future of microfinance.

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Organisé par :
World Microfinance Forum Geneva Route de Lausanne 254 1292 Chambésy / Genève

Plan d'accès

International Labour Organization (ILO/BIT),
Route des Morillons 4
1211 Genève 22