Mardi 22 Avr. 2008

Geneva Trade Finance Week 2008


Four days of events in Geneva: including a global conference and specialist training workshops - covering key issues in global commodity, trade and export finance.

The recent credit crunch provides new challenges for trade financiers and clients. The market turmoil and events arising out of the US subprime crisis in 2007 placed immense pressure on banks and sets new challenges. Geneva Trade Finance Week is at the cutting edge of discussion and covers many themes.

Geneva Trade Finance Week 2008 includes a major conference involving up to 42 speakers from right across the world of trade finance.
The conference is being held on Wednesday 23 & Thursday 24 April in Geneva, during a week of global trade finance meetings. There are specialist workshops being held on 22 April & 24 April. 

Organisé par :
Day Robinson International Ltd 1 Emperor Way Exeter Business Park Exeter, EX1 3QS United Kingdom Tel: +44 1392 271222

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