Mardi 13 Nov. 2007

Hedge Funds: constant changes ahead


In 2007, the very nature of hedge funds and their impact on financial markets are a constant subject of discussion and confrontation: are the hedge funds, the villains of international markets? Do they have permanent destabilizers of those markets? Are they speculative tools of disruption with heavy risks of krach at stake? Or are they a stabilizing force due to their masses that enables a smooth evolution of quotations? Those two approaches remain a matter of discussion.

Whatever the outcome of the argument: two simultaneous trends seem to highlight the hedge funds system: The first one is the specialisation-oriented functioning of the hedge funds; the second trend seems to transform the hard-to-understand hedge funds into mainstream financial tools.

Thus many quite conservative financial organizations such as life insurance corporations tend to incorporate small doses of hedge funds into their financial products and offers.

Our conference will deal with all those above-defined strategic issues.

Conference designed for accredited investors, Hedge Funds and FoHF professionals.

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