Lundi 12 Nov. 2007

Geneva In-Sight: The annual meeting of the global commodity trading community


International trade professionals need to strengthen their expertise and to network to develop their businesses. Firms need to promote their services and image to maintain their clients’ loyalty and to look for new markets. Geneva is a leading center in the world for international trade but unlike other cities like London and Singapore, it does not benefit from a major event that could fulfil its needs.
This is why Geneva In-Sight is offering a high-level conference which will bring together the different branches active in international trade, banking, shipping, insurance and legal.

We are honoured of the participation of two outstanding oil experts:

Elena A. Telegina
Director, Institute for Geopolitics and Energy Security of Russia
Board Member of the Russian Union of Oil Exporters
Former Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia

Sadek Boussena
Former Minister of Energy of Algeria
former Chairman of OPEC




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