Jeudi 31 Mai 2007

Ethical Dilemmas in International Business


Dealing with Values and Behaviours in Diverse Cultural Contexts
Ethical Dilemmas in International Business – How to Handle them?



Small and medium-size transnational companies are often faced with challenging interpersonal situations when starting new business in a culturally and socially unfamiliar environment. Mainly due to capacity reasons they are not in a position to adequately prepare their staff in charge of exploring a new market. Quite often, they face situations in which they have to rely purely on trust and shared information with local partners. In such new business environments actors are confronted with cultural differences and unbalanced power relations. In many cases, they start operating in contexts that are particularly characterized by a hard to disentangle mixture of formal and informal networks, affiliations and loyalties.


Focus and Format of the Seminar

How to identify ethically critical situations when interacting with partners, suppliers or customers in foreign cultural settings?
How to act and behave, in such situations, in a responsible and ethically defensible manner?
What are the implications for building business relationships, for establishing agreements?
How to make sure that compliance with one’s own ethical commitment and corporate standards is maintained, especially for the purpose of obtaining a “license to operate”?
Managers of transnational enterprises will encounter these and other rather touchy questions when starting business in a new market with different business practices, with behavioral patterns they are not familiar with. By means of role-plays and by analyzing interactively a business case illustrating challenges that expatriates in managerial position might encounter in the Indonesian context, the participants will be trained in identifying and addressing social cultural dilemmas. The case study is exclusively prepared for this seminar by an eminent Indonesian expert in business ethics who will participate in the seminar.






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