Social Good Summit 2018

The Social Good Summit Geneva (#SGSGeneva) will have its third edition on 23rd October 2018. An initiative of UNDP Geneva, organized in parallel with the World Investment Forum, the event brings together the financial sector and the development community to foster collaboration...

Forum, Rue de Lausanne 11-19, Genève

Mardi 23 Octobre 2018
08:00 - 16:00

An invitation-only event, the Social Good Summit brings 20 best in class entrepreneurs from emerging markets to pitch their solutions for the SDGs, a great way to look into exciting opportunities in FinTech, Healthcare, AgriTech, EdTech, Responsible consumption models and more. We also spotlight partners in the UN system looking to leverage blended finance to carry out large-scale projects.



Please have access to the full programme here.



Registration is now open! The innovations and investment opportunities on display are of interest both to investors and businesses looking to identify trends in innovation and learn how to position themselves for the future. Click here to request to register.

Organisé par :

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
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Forum, Rue de Lausanne 11-19, Genève