Tuesday 15 September 2015

The Geneva Financial Center gets a makeover: new identity & new website

As part of its commitment to supporting young talent, the Geneva Financial Center, which is soon to celebrate its 25th anniversary, commissioned students at the Geneva School of Applied Arts to design its new brand identity.

Local talent for a new identity

Since January 2014, the Geneva Financial Center Foundation has been implementing a new strategy, which defines three priority areas of action: advocating for favourable framework conditions, strengthening promotional and communication activities, and reinforcing training for banking and financial sector employees. The new brand identity unveiled today contributes to that strategy.

As part of its commitment to supporting young talent, the Geneva Financial Center Foundation commissioned students at the Geneva School of Applied Arts to design its new brand identity. The GFC would like to congratulate the 38 students who took up the challenge. The proposals they presented between February and May 2015 demonstrate their motivation as well as their analytical skills, given that most were unfamiliar with financial sector. Armed with a fresh new look, the GFC will continue to devote itself to serving the interests of the Geneva financial center and ensuring it remains as competitive and innovative as possible. A strong financial center benefits the entire economy, as well as the population of Geneva as a whole.

What's new

In addition to the new logo, the GFC’s online presence has been updated with a new website www.geneva-finance.ch, designed by a Geneva-based agency. The website offers quick and easy access to relevant information and studies of the Geneva financial center, in both English and French. Informative content, resources, and links allow users to easily find what they are looking for.

The website is compatible with all tablets and smart phones. Press releases, position papers, key figures, and events are only a click away. A new "Why Geneva?" section presents the main advantages that set the Geneva financial center apart, namely, its competitiveness, talent, and innovation. Geneva owes its reputation as one of the most competitive financial centers in the world to its capacity for reinventing itself through innovation over the past 500 years. This creativity has allowed Geneva to develop the expertise necessary for a unique business "cluster", comprised of banks, commodity trading firms, multinationals, universities, and sustainable finance, to emerge.

Statistics and graphs illustrate the importance of the financial sector for the economy as a whole. The diversity of the companies that make up the Geneva financial center are the secret to its success. Over the years, the sector has grown to encompass many different types of banking institutions and financial intermediaries offering a wide range of services and products.

There are 120 banks in Geneva, including 23 commercial and investment banks, 4 private bankers, and 64 foreign-owned banks. The sector also comprises 900 independent financial advisors, 3,000 financial intermediaries, 613 insurance companies, 1,275 accounting firms and more than 500 lawyers and notaries, for a total of 6,675 firms, representing more than 37,000 jobs. The financial sector alone accounts for almost 17% of Geneva's GDP. With the addition of commodity trading, its contribution rises to 40% of GDP.

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Press contact Chantal Bourquin (bourquin@geneve-finance.ch)