Sunday 18 June 2023

Annual Report 2022

This activity report gives an overview of the main developments in the issues handled by the Geneva Financial Center (GFC) in the past twelve months.

Geneva Financial Center cannot be summarized solely in numbers. It is founded on the diversity of its players and on the added value contributed by its 38,000 employees.

The annual results for 2022 published by the various institutions in the Geneva Center show that their equity and liquidity ratios far exceed the statutory minimums required by the Supervisory Authority. From a broader perspective, the banks, asset managers and other financial service providers performed in full measure the functions that are essential to our society, on a daily basis throughout last year. The Geneva Financial Center generates 12.4% of cantonal GDP and remains one of the biggest contributors to value creation in the canton.

GFC is tasked with identifying the needs of the sector, creating a stable environment and instilling a spirit of innovation.

Today more than ever before confidence is key