Fintech: Suitablity as Service

How can FinTech-solutions support banks? Event organised by the Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland

Fintech FUSION Av. de la Praille 50 1227 Carouge

Monday 30 October 2017
16:00 - 18:00

Many banks have looked at Fintech solutions with a great deal of scepticism. But curiosity – and interest – remain. Often, the feeling that for once it is impossible to see the individual tree for the wood impedes taking up the challenge. FinTech can support bank activity – but how?

Together with Fusion, AFBS organises meetings to give an overview on relevant FinTech solutions, to address concerns on how to integrate Fintech solutions into the existing processes and procedures and on how to initiate a project.

At each meeting, we pick a topic of concern and discuss whether Fintech solutions can actually address the issue. Suitability has mostly been considered as purely regulatory requirement of MiFID and the future Swiss Financial Services Act. However, suitability is increasingly seen as a service provided by the banks to their customers. Digitalisation and Fintech can support the suitability process – from risk information of specific financial products, to the provision of risk indicators for a portfolio, portfolio management tools, up to risk management and compliance tools.

AFBS Fintech meeting is in English  - Please register not later than October 26, 2017 via e-mail to

Organized by:

Association of Foreign Banks in Switzerland & Fintech FUSION
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Fintech FUSION Av. de la Praille 50 1227 Carouge

Detailed programme

Welcome by Guillaume Dubray, Managing Partner of Polytech Ventures and Founder of Fusion Geneva

What Fintech solutions can support banks?

An overview of the Fintech map on suitability issues. Guillaume Dubray, Fusion


Suitability - Three Fintech companies which support banks' processes: EdgeLab: Pre Trade - Product suitability from a client risk / product risk perspective Indigita: Produit suitability from a Cross border perspective Netguardians: Post Trade suitability controls automation Each of the companies will give a 15 minutes demonstration of their product and will answer questions. All of them are available for in-depth discussions after the presentations.

What's next?

A five-minute brainstorm.


Get-together for exchange of views and in-depth discussions with Fusion and the Fintech companies.