Wednesday 26 Apr. 2017

Is Switzerland reaching an inflection point in fintech?

Meetup SwissFINTECH#32 - How to build a world class global Fintech hub?

18:00 - 20:00

Is Switzerland reaching an inflection point in fintech? We have the pleasure to host Bernard Lunn for a controversial talk about Switzerland and Fintech! He will shake things up as he thinks that Switzerland faces a boiling frog syndrome problem among incumbents... Who is Bernard Lunn? By Bernard Lunn, Founder of Daily Fintech (with 16,000+ subscribers from 130 countries). Bernard has personally worked in America, Asia and Europe and now calls Switzerland home. His talk describes the lessons from tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, New York, London & Singapore and relates that to the special needs of Fintech and the triple disruption of AI and blockchain and the shift to Asia. He will describe the opportunities and challenges of Switzerland as a Fintech hub as seen from a global perspective. Takeaways : 1. Will Switzerland benefit from Brexit? 2. How to orchestrate states, incubators, regulators, legacy companies and startups? 3. His vision for the coming 5 years.

Organized by:

Swiss Financial Technology Association

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FinTech Fusion Av. de la Praille 50, Genève 3rd Floor - Fusion