Wednesday 19 Nov. 2014

Fintecth: Les solutions de gestion de patrimoine qui révolutionnent le marché américain


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Fourth session of the Swiss Fintecth Eat and Meet

We are glad to welcome Stéphane Dubois, CEO of Xignite, coming from San Francisco and sharing with us his vision of the future of finance. This is an exceptional opportunity to meet with a major US FinTech leader. Xignite is the leading financial market data cloud provider, offering more than 50 financial cloud APIs and fulfilling more than five billion service requests per month for real-time! Stéphane will demystify for us data integration and the explosion of digital wealth management in the fintech industry in the US.

Our FinTech group is now rich of 160 leaders.

Wanna join?

When? : November 19th at 12.00 sharp – 14:00

Where? : Fongit, BlueBox, Chemin du Pré Fleuri 3, 1228 Plan-les-Ouates

Sponsor : Xignite and Fongit.

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Chemin du Pré Fleuri 3, 1228 Plan les Ouates- Blue Box FONGIT