Thursday 14 Oct. 2010

WMFG - SFG / Debate on Corporate Governance

Following Compartamos’ IPO in 2008, SKS’s listing this month is expected to spark a wave of new microfinance share offerings.
The wish to list has fuelled high growth strategies to increase equity valuations.
Four countries have recently seen high growth followed by a severe repayment crisis.
Are growth strategies being pursued at the expense of portfolio quality? What is the role of corporate governance in maintaining the stability and integrity of the industry?

Organized by:
World Microfinance Forum Geneva - WMFG 106, Route de Ferney 1202 Genève en collaboration avec : Sustainable Finance Geneva - SFG Boulevard du Théâtre 4 1204 Genève Tel: +41 (0)22 849 19 13

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Bureau International de Travail (BIT) / International Labour Organisation (ILO)