Wednesday 1 Oct. 2008

Family Office & Wealth preservation: Diversification through Alternative Investments


Conference Chairman: Ms Barbara Hauser
Director- Private Wealth Advisory, Stanford Group (Suisse) AG
This conference suits Family Offices seeking high level discussion of investment strategy and portfolio construction within the alternatives space.

If part of a well-diversified portfolio, alternative investments can help to lower the risk associated with the market and generate magnified returns. External advisors can help the family make the most of alternative investments to grow and protect their wealth.

Now that traditional markets have experienced significant volatility, alternative asset classes such as hedge funds, private equity, and real estate have become more important than ever because they generally are less sensitive to market volatility and are designed to do well in both up and down markets.

Our Family Office conferences are known for lively, interactive sessions where endowments, foundations, family offices and advisors offer their views and relay their experiences as they work to preserve and grow their assets in increasingly complex markets.
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