The Swiss financial Place

A culture of service

The excellence of service is seen immediately with the welcoming reception, the ready availability of banking professionals, and the personalised and close-knit customer relations that only confidence and confidentiality can impart. It is also shown through the counselling and investment strategies implemented according to client expectations, without forgetting the precision and efficiency of the administrative follow-up procedures.

Client satisfaction made the reputation of the Swiss financial industry, due to the competence of managers and specialists and their knowledge of foreign languages and cultures, the diversity of banks and other financial partners, and the vast choice of financial instruments.  

Global strategies

Global management strategies with effective distributions of permanently optimized assets account for the renown of Geneva bankers.

Starting in the 17th century, they began developing international strategies and heavily diversified their investments over currencies, geographic areas, countries and economic segments. This attention to asset distribution and risk control remains one of the foundations of Geneva banking know-how.

Exemplary confidentiality

The Swiss bank client confidentiality laws respond to a fundamental imperative for liberty and of respect for individual rights. They provide a legal dimension to the absolute discretion which has always been a cornerstone of Swiss banking.

The legal system can waive the confidentiality rules in case of criminal offences. Outside of these cases, our clients enjoy limitless protection and the knowledge that their manager will always maintain absolute discretion. In this domain, personal and professional ethics lie deeper than laws.

Exceptional security

Geneva and Switzerland offer solid guarantees for their clients’ wealth management.

  • Legal and ethical security
  • The security, solidity and solidarity of the Swiss banking system

The Private Banking world's capital

The banker Hans Baer has given the following definition of "Private Banking" : 

“Private Banking is the full range of services that a client may wish to obtain and this therefore extends way beyond wealth management. Swiss private banking encompasses the luxury hotels of our country, our hospitals, cultural institutions, media, lawyers, shops, schools, universities and, of course, our banks and asset managers.”

It can be said therefore that Private Banking refers to a range of highly personalised services emphasizing efficiency, know-how, personal contact and quality of service. It is generally considered to be a profitable activity, especially considering that it requires little bank capital. It is not surprising therefore that more and more banking establishments offer Private Banking services.

Swiss Bankers Association (SBA)                                                          

"Future strategy and the core values of the Swiss Financial Centre"
by Patrick Odier, President of the SBA

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