As part of its promotional efforts, the Geneva Financial Center (GFC) organizes and supports various events throughout the year. The two main annual events are the Assises de la Place Financière and the annual press conference of the GFC.
Thursday 18 May 2017

La Fondation Genève Place FInancière organise sa traditionnelle rencontre avec les collaboratrices et collaborateurs des établissements bancaires et financiers afin de mener le dialogue et commenter les dossiers d'actualité.
Assises de la Place financière Thursday 18 May 2017 18:15 Framework conditions  Economic situation  Talents   
Press Point 2017 Tuesday 10 October 2017 10:00 Framework conditions  Economic situation   
Tuesday 10 Oct. 2017

Seminar in French only - Documentation in French and in English

Finance Events Calendar

The Foundation maintains a calendar of the numerous events in the banking and/or finance sectors that take place in the Geneva region. The calendar is widely consulted by financial professionals and is a valuable tool for promoting events and raising awareness. Kindly note that the Foundation makes no representation as to the accuracy, reliability or fullness of the content and programme mentioned in the events that are not organized by the Foundation. Don’t hesitate to add your event to the calendar!
Monday 25 Sep. 2017

Sustainable Finance Geneve : Soirée de lancement du livre "Le monde bouge, la finance innove"

Après avoir présenté "10 innovations de la finance" dans un...
Tuesday 26 Sep. 2017

Trésoriers : pourquoi le modèle SaaS est-il fait pour vous ?

Le 26 septembre prochain les experts de Kyriba, leader mondial en solutions de gestion de trésorerie de nouvelle génération...
Tuesday 10 Oct. 2017

Press Point 2017

Seminar in French only - Documentation in French and in English
Monday 16 Oct. 2017

UNEP Finance Initiative Regional Roundtable on Sustainable Finance in Europe

The Roundtable will provide an opportunity for actors in the sustainable finance community to come together from...
Thursday 9 Nov. 2017

What Governance for the Eurozone

Public conference with Mr. Jean-Claude Trichet, former President of the European Central Bank and former Governor of the "Banque de France".
Thursday 7 Dec. 2017

IFMA : Swiss Tax Update

Presentation of the latest developments in Swiss corporate taxation and international tax policy, based on practical examples