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The Geneva Financial Center (GFC) maintains close links with numerous partners and institutions at a cantonal and national level. In addition to the information on this website, you may find the following websites useful.

The GFC gives its full support to the non-profit organisations Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) and Union des Intérêts de la Place Financière Lémanique (UIPF).


Sustainable Finance Geneva

The GFC has supported the non-profit association Sustainable Finance Geneva since 2008. SFG helps to strengthen Geneva's role as a world leader in this particularly innovative sector.

Created in 2008 Sustainable Finance Geneva now leads the way from Geneva, as the key global platform for sustainable finance. The SFG aims to bring together a variety of personalities and expertise in complementary areas such as asset management, investment funds, microfinance, international organisations and philanthropy.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Sustainable Finance Geneva published "10 finance innovations" in order to highlight the key contribution of  the Lake of Geneva region to the positive and sustainable transformation of the finance sector. Thanks to its unique advantages, Geneva has acted as a testing ground for many major innovations, which have often gone on to spread worldwide.

Individual freedom always comes with responsibilities. We can only avoid being suffocated by regulation and reverse the poor opinion that the public has of us by assuming greater responsibility. We must demonstrate this responsibility by contributing to the harmony and sustainability of the planet".

Nicolas Pictet, former President of the GFC


the UIPF!

Union des Intérêts de la Place Financière Lémanique (UIPF)

The Geneva Financial Center provides administrative and logistical support for the Union des Intérêts de la Place financière Lémanique, a non-profit organisation. The mission of the UIPF is to inform its members and the public about the challenges facing the financial industry in the Lake Geneva area.

Its main objectives are:

  • to support the financial industry by publicising its impact on employment, consumption and the quality of life;
  • to raise awareness of the financial industry's contribution to the local economy and to the social safety net among its members and the public at large.