A Unique Chain of Expertise

Created in 1991 by the 80 banks that were members of the Geneva stock exchange, the Geneva Financial Center (GFC) is the umbrella association of the financial sector. The financial sector generates 37,000 jobs and accounts for 17% of Geneva's GDP. It is based on three main pillars: private and institutional wealth management, commodity trade financing, and commercial and retail banking. With the presence of activities such as marine freight and inspection, Geneva has emerged as an economic cluster with a unique concentration of skills. The central mission of the Geneva Financial Center is to support this value chain and to contribute to the development of  an optimal business environment for all financial center partners.

The Geneva financial center

Key figures

Financial and related professional services employment in Geneva
Contribution of the financial sector and the commidity trading as a share of Geneva State GDP

At the heart of the digital revolution

The Geneva banking and financial sector is not merely adapting to the digital transition but also actively shaping the digital future. Geneva stands out for its infrastructure and experience in data management.

Because our prosperity depends largely on our capacity to innovate, the Geneva Financial Center closely monitors these developments in an effort to better understand the challenges of the digital revolution.